UVMedico Africa launches human safe Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection to the Rainbow Nation and their neighbours

Mar 21, 2022News

In celebration of our National Human Rights Day, we are pleased to announce our partnership with UV Medico as distributors of their range of products for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. 

With our headquarters based in South Africa’s Mother City of Cape Town, majority woman owned, UV Medico Africa is a collaborative team of specialist entrepreneurs with a passion and commitment to making a measurable difference.

“Africa’s unique characteristics and climate creates conditions that are conducive to outbreaks of infectious diseases in humans and animals. While we may always be locked in an evolutionary ‘arms race’ with viruses, antibiotic resistant bacteria and other pathogens, we now have science on our side. Using smart technology, together with a series of innovations and elegantly functional design, we are able to offer universally effective, future-proof solutions such as UV222™, which gets us one step ahead in helping to protect the world against emerging threats, while considerably reducing the future impacts of another pandemic on the scale recently experienced. As recently recognised by the United Nations Human Rights Council, a clean, healthy and sustainable environment is a human right, as is the right to work and be educated. People should be able to gather and interact, socially and in their workplaces, without the fear of getting sick or contracting a virus. In a similar way, businesses should be able to safeguard against the potential of an economically crippling lockdown. UV Medico Africa, aims to bring normality back to daily life”, said Karin Schnelker (CEO)  

“We believe that through our collective expertise we have a solid team to deliver quantifiable results.Combined with our experience in a myriad of sectors and industries makes for a strong collaboration with UV Medico to develop and offer the safest and most innovative, effective solutions to our customers throughout the African continent”, said Schnelker.

In the past, volume driven sales was one of the key drivers to transferring knowledge and intellectual property, whereas nowadays, governments institute local, on the ground skills transfer as a prerequisite to doing business in that territory. This is an exciting initiative and a key driver behind the establishment and expansion of UV Medico into Africa.

Through our alliance with Danish based UV Medico, UV Medico Africa plans to set up a sustainable phased business model on the African continent. First through a focussed program for skills transfer to train and appoint an alliance network of accredited and approved agents and installers, with a view to in future establishing a facility for local assembly and ultimately manufacturing.

For more information about partnering or working with UV Medico Africa, visit www.uvmedicoafrica.co.za, email info@uvmedicoafrica.co.za or call +27 (79) 160 7928